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About Exiles of Gilrain

Hi and Welcome to The Exiles of Gilrain a little bit about ourselves first, The original Kin, River of Tears, which most of the current officers are now made up of started life on the Gilrain server when the game was first launched. After a few leadership changes Jymmy took over the reins.

With falling numbers on Gilrain and not many new players coming on to that server we made a big decision to move to our current world, Snowbourn.  Some had already started new characters there and had formed the new Kin in preparation for the upcoming transfers. So we are a new Kin on our current world but have several years experience under our belt.

Our aims, we are a friendly, casual Kin that enjoy pretty much all aspects of the game. We have many top tier crafters and a small dedicated group of PvP players, which we hope to boost the numbers of asap. If PvP isn't your thing we also enjoy the normal PvE world including 3/6/12 man instances.

If you are new to the game we are more than willing to help with general questions on the game, hints and tips and when possible, help with levelling. Although we do like to play the game ourselves and when we get fighting in the games PvP zone some kin chat can get missed as it gets a bit hectic playing sometimes, so bare with us.

Well thank you for looking at our website. We hope you will take the next step and join the kin and the site and enjoy your stay here for as long as you wish. We currently have a 25 man Team Speak server the details you will find in the forums.

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